With know-how to more energy

Winners use the

Kathleen Principle

Three pillars – one goal: to get the best out of you and your business! My Kathleen Principle gives valuable impulses for a happier and therefore more successful life. It reduces stress and releases energies for more productivity and enthusiastic customers. Leave the competition behind by showing consciousness in an increasingly complex world.


Protection from environmental influences

Electronic devices and especially the smartphone have become an indispensable part of everyday life. But we also take damage from it – our body gets under stress. The harmonization of electrosmog through innovative technical solutions makes you more efficient.

Vital space energy for more power

The sickness rate in your company is far too high? Through workplace optimization you do something directly for the health of your employees and increase their productivity. The vital space energy brings more power into your business.

harmonic health theory

Healthy employees work in a healthy company. With diverse knowledge and strong concepts around health, I make your team strong to perfectly master the uncertainty and complexity of personal and professional everyday life.


Ancient knowledge about nature combined with the latest scientific findings distinguishes the Kathleen Principle. With an analytical mind and the ability to quickly recognize connections, I look at your company – your employees and the professional environment. From this I derive concrete measures that make your employees happier and therefore more efficient and your customers happier.

All products sold under the Kathleen Principle are quality tested. In addition, they must meet my high standards of effectiveness, sustainability and fairness. I regularly and thoroughly check suppliers with regard to these criteria.


This is what customers will say about me

“The objective was to create a feel-good experience for the guests of our family-run 4* hotel.
An experience for all senses from arrival to departure. After some on-site discussions and measurements, we received a great elaboration from Kathleen with many impulses for optimization. In the final meeting we defined the priorities of the implementation and in the following months we implemented everything step by step. Here, too, Kathleen supported us with advice and action via the Kathleen Principle. And the result is impressive. We were able to increase our bed occupancy rate to 80% and build up a solid customer base, which, among other things, greatly appreciates our electrosmog harmonized meeting rooms and the overnight gift for direct booking.
From today’s perspective, I can only advise every entrepreneur to do this consultation, because it has long since taken more than just a “good product” to survive in today’s world.”

Testimonial of Claudia and Peter – married, three children,
manage a family-run wellness hotel in Hessen, Germany

“The smile you send out returns to you as happiness.” (from India)

Conjure a smile on the faces of your employees and your customers, happiness comes to you and with it success. With the Kathleen Principle, which uniquely combines protection from environmental influences, vital space energy and harmonious health teachings, I would like to help you create moments of happiness for people.

Happy people

The three pillars form the Kathleen Principle, from which happy people come because they live more harmoniously with themselves and their environment. Like a good home, it provides protection and is full of vitality.

Your business becomes a favorite place

With the Kathleen Principle, you make your space a favorite place where people love to come. Your team will be happier and your customers will be delighted.

For more VISIONS

Unmotivated employees? Annoyed customers? That doesn’t have to be! With the Kathleen Principle you spread more joy of life, create creative spaces and inspire people to do extraordinary things. Let’s leave the beaten track and discover new possibilities for your company. 

“Whatever the human mind can bring forth and bring itself to believe it can accomplish.” (Napoleon Hill)