Top performance needs a top environment

As an energy being, we are in constant contact with our environment. Whether we believe in it or not, we cannot escape this interaction. And so I use the room level, e.g. to track down challenges among employees in companies and to solve them in the second step. Or I work with the entrepreneur to ensure that he becomes a magnet as an employer and that he attracts the employees who are best suited to him in terms of vibration.


in the flow. you grow.

Using an exact birth data analysis, as the basis of every complete Feng Shui consultation, I look at the basic energetics of the people and can thus give tips to promote harmony in the team. This is particularly interesting when it comes to new hires, when teams are to be restructured or for a mindful cooperation.


Success is not a matter of coincidence.

If the right things are done in the long run, success is the logical consequence. If we increase our surroundings through the room design, we automatically change (inside) and, in the best case, adapt our vibration. Ideally, upwards. This also enables us to attract people with higher vibrations as customers, guests, employees, cooperation partners, etc. Whereby “higher” should not simply be a clumsy increase. It embodies much more that we attract more suitable people.


More energy. More efficient.

Today it is no longer just the salary that decides whether an employee wants to work for us and our company, it is more about what the entrepreneur has to offer. Does the company represent my own values ​​and how much the employer is committed to sustainability, employee health and my personality development. It’s great when you can score points as an employer with an environment where employees and guests / customers feel equally comfortable and are motivated to linger.


Feng Shui. Language of intuition.

Perhaps you have experienced this before, you come into a room and you immediately feel comfortable and secure. Feng Shui tells us why this is so. It gives us the scientific explanations on the level of metaphysics. Through the targeted use of the 5 elements or the Yin-Yang theory, I take care of the optimization of the energy flow. So the life energy CHI can flow perfectly and YOU benefit from it in the best possible way.


More energy. More efficient.

And there is no need for Chinese Buddhas in German living rooms, as I keep explaining to entrepreneurs. You are often familiar with Feng Shui from TV reports or do-it-yourself books. But Feng Shui is more than just setting up Buddhas and fountains. Before I place water anywhere on the property, I need to calculate the water dragon formulas. The most effective way to attract wealth imaginable.



Feng Shui is as individual as YOU are. Because it is adapted to the property, the building and the people living / working in it. That’s why I don’t make flat-rate prices. If you are curious, please write to me and we will arrange a non-binding meeting. And when I know what your goals are with my advice, you will receive a personal offer.


Be curious about the change of perspective and look forward to the EnergieFlow, which will bring you closer to your dreams of living.


Your Kathleen Rehfeld