Reduce.environmental influences

How much radiation is our body exposed to? To be “connected” everywhere and at all times presents our body with major new challenges. The high-frequency radiation from mobile data transmission is steadily increasing. Of course, modern technology has many advantages and it’s not about going back to the Stone Age, but how about if we specifically measure the radiation first? This makes it possible to find out how high the load is at the sleeping place and at the workplace.

Why there? Because we usually spend most of the day there. Sleep in particular makes up a third of our lives and that is the regeneration time for us and our body.


Sleep = the source of regeneration or the cradle of illness


What are the consequences if our body is exposed to certain disturbance zones every night. Without him being able to defend himself? What if these influences “prevent” our regeneration?


How did you feel after a night of partying? Listless. Done. Tired. Without concentration. Just imagine what it would feel like if it did every night?

Exaggerated? Reality!

More and more people suffer from insomnia. They cannot fall asleep, cannot sleep through the night or are totally exhausted the next day even though they were asleep.


Promote wellbeing

Often, during my sleep examinations, I find that there are many ways in which you can reduce radiation even by making small changes in your own house / apartment. These tips are usually enough to quickly improve the quality of sleep.


“Give people a better sleep and they will be friendlier, more productive and more alert when they are awake.” Kathleen Rehfeld.



It’s a bit like wellness or being in 7th heaven when my customers sleep again for the first night after implementing the recommended sleep space analysis. And be able to start your “new” life well rested.

H2O – the second most important element on our planet

Without oxygen, humans survive a few seconds; humans exercise perhaps a few minutes. Without water we survive a few days. Of course, that depends on the other circumstances. It’s even faster in the desert than in moderate temperatures in Germany.


Prevention is better than aftercare;)

For many years I have been working in the field of drinking water refinement systems and I am always looking for the best device available on the market for my customers. Because only the best is just good enough to bring it into contact with my cells.


Sustainability pays off

Anyone who builds a house should rely on the right advice right from the start. The choice of the plot of land and the choice of materials are no longer reversible and can only be corrected to a limited extent even with the greatest Feng Shui measures. It’s worth the money in the long run. Because the energy flow optimization supplies us with Chi – life energy – so that we can reach our dream life more easily.



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