Win-win situation for employer and employee

Everyone is talking about occupational health management, but does it really benefit your team in its current form? Are the offers being used? And the most important question: Is it efficient? After all, practicing health management is a real win-win situation. On the one hand, the health and motivation of your employees is sustainably promoted, on the other hand, the productivity, product and service quality as well as the innovative ability of your company is increased. According to Kathleen’s principle, I start my consulting with two questions:

  • What can you do for your employees?
  • How can employees be optimally motivated to live physically and mentally healthier lives?

You can do something for your employees by protecting them from environmental influences and creating vital space energy. Concrete ideas would be, for example, a water dispenser with water that is as pure as possible – preferably completely without plastic – and, if a canteen is available, equally healthy and tasty food in organic quality. Workshops tailored to the needs and interests of your employees can be another effective tool for improving health.

Even more important, however, is to encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their own health. Workshops can provide impetus. But according to the saying “preach water, drink wine”, it is counterproductive if you do not live what you demand of your employees. For example, a back school – without ergonomic workplace design – is counterproductive.

Rising sickness figures

Sickness levels have risen significantly in recent years. In addition to diseases of the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, mental illnesses in particular have steadily gained in importance. According to Statista, in 2018 the loss of value added amounted to €225 billion, as well as the cost of illness to €129 billion. So it is high time for the harmonious health teaching according to the Kathleen principle.


Give away health

The most important thing is an appreciative approach, because: Appreciation is a health factor. If people work hard for your company and have the impression that they don’t get enough recognition for it, then the balance is destroyed – and people get sick. A smile is a gift that everyone can afford. You give away moments of happiness and, what’s more, you get fit. People need 43 muscles to laugh. At the same time, endorphins are released that strengthen your immune system. Laughter is a wonderful medicine.

Another option is products that keep your employees fit, such as vitality products. Or how about a base that they can use for an extensive alkaline bath? This naturally supports the excretory function of the skin and stimulates the metabolism.

Create Self.Awareness.Being

Take the topic of mindfulness into focus! Mindfulness towards yourself, your fellow human beings, food and all things that surround you. Professional stress, the hectic pace of everyday life and your own pressure to be perfect: All this cranks up biochemical processes and brings the acid-base balance more and more out of balance. Yet we know how important balance is in our lives.

With the Kathleen principle I support you to create more consciousness in your business. This is the foundation of success!


Your Kathleen Rehfeld