Why you will never, ever transport plastic bottles by car again!

Because everyone can get the best mountain spring water from their own tap – thanks to Kathleen’s own water treatment.

You wanted to protect the environment, right? Now you can do it too!

We are all responsible for our blue home planet Earth. Plastic bottles are a major problem for the environment and our health. The poor eco-balance due to packaging and transport has an impact on our environment and the associated pollution. It is better to have our own water filtration system.


You already have water of the cleanest mountain spring quality at home!

Life can be simplified quite a bit. Thanks to the water filtration systems of Kathleen Rehfeld. Thanks to natural filtration you get healthy, clean and mineral-rich drinking water in mountain spring quality. Perfect for your own home, public buildings or whole companies and communities.


Your own water treatment is easier and more convenient

What could be easier and more convenient than preparing high-quality water yourself? Instead of lugging heavy boxes home while shopping, carrying them up stairs and then storing them somewhere else? Before you know it, you’ll also have to return the empty bottles.



Savings per year

Water treatment pays off and saves money

A water treatment plant is an investment that pays off in many ways.

A look at the annual cost to supply a family of four shows how quickly you can save money compared to bottled water. A simple calculation. The cheapest mineral waters cost just under 15 cents per liter, brand-name mineral waters already around 70 cents, and the scale is open to the top. Germans now drink 163.4 liters per capita. That’s the equivalent of a family of four. Designer waters such as Voss from Norway or Fiji Water can cost two to three euros for a half liter and cost four people around 1960.80 euros a year.

By the way: Even with treated tap water, you don’t have to do without the beloved bubbles. With the help of soda devices, you can enrich the water with carbon dioxide as you wish.

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