Show me how you live and I’ll tell you how your finances stand
Ok, admittedly, the headline is a bit provocative. Nevertheless, together with the financial mentor Carmen Stephan, I would like to take a closer look at the connections between our inner and outer world and our account balance. From an energetic point of view, the Southeast is assigned to the theme of “wealth and prosperity”. This does not mean that you can only become rich in the southeast and it does not mean that you will find money there. But if you bring the topic of finances into focus and really want to change something profoundly, then it is often not enough to work on it only on one level.  Carmen Stephan, who worked for a long time as a fund manager and senior sales manager in the investment industry, knows exactly that personal wealth requires more than the right expertise.  Often, unconscious beliefs and learned behavior patterns play a major role in wealth accumulation and can torpedo sensible investment decisions. One example of this is investing money in stocks and stock funds. “Germans are not a nation of shareholders” or “stocks are only for the rich.” These and similar beliefs often unconsciously prevent investors from devoting themselves to this important topic and breaking new ground when investing money. But also other beliefs such as. “You have to work hard to make good money.”  “You’re not good enough.” “Money stinks. Rich people are arrogant and stuck-up. Do you really want that?” And if we have the right expertise at the point and also feel good about our decision, sometimes such a little rebel comes up inside us to whisper such sentences. So in addition to technical expertise, many other aspects influence successful financial investment, not least the orientation of the home towards prosperity and wealth. To make letting go of old beliefs even more successful, I like to look at the physical level as well. Because if I’m constantly reminded of the past on the outside, it’s harder for me to stick to my new mindset.  A view to the southeast Where is the southeast in my apartment or house anyway? Is the toilet or the storage room without windows there? Or is it perhaps the open office with large windows and a great view? You can imagine that we are talking about completely different energy qualities here.  Of course, it’s also clear that clutter and dirt cause the energy in that area to stagnate. So let’s get tidying! Do I really still need all the things that are in the southeast? Personally, the three questions from the tidying expert Marie Condo always help me: “Do I love it? Do I need it? Can it go?” Tidiness brings clarity and focus and then energy can flow freely. In this case, even the wealth energy.  I have set up a wealth corner in my house. Yes, a little kitsch may be and for all those who like it less kitschy, it is also ok. Feng Shui can be implemented with any style. The only important thing is to pay attention to it. Because “energy flows where focus goes” – energy flows where you focus your attention. So if I walk by my wealth corner day in and day out, consciously turn on my ceiling floodlight there again and again to get the energy flowing, strengthen the wood element of the southeast with green plants, and ensure cleanliness and order, then I automatically attract things into my life that suit me on a material level. (Quote Esther and Jerry Hicks “only those things that are a vibrational match to that can come to you”).
How may we get your finances back on track? Carmen and I are happy to answer your questions and we look forward to your comments here under the blog article.  Energetic greetings Carmen & Kathleen