Evening routine – A good day starts with the night before
What do I mean by that? Most people wake up in the morning feeling tired and go back to bed in the evening feeling just as tired.  It’s a vicious circle that’s worth breaking out of.  Does everyone need an evening routine? I think so! In my opinion, a good day starts the night before if you start well-rested, in a good mood and with a smile. What makes a good day, of course, you define for yourself. For me, a good day is a day when I feel rested and productive, pursuing the things that are important to me and taking a step towards my big vision.


One more thing is important to me: It’s not about spending your days only in routines! Perfectionism works (!), however, routines give us security for the tasks ahead. Both a morning routine and an evening routine can be short and crisp. These healthy habits can become like good friends for you, being by your side and supporting you in good times and bad. Important:Don’t change everything from one day to the next! Just do the things that do you good and more and more of them. But also try something out and enjoy the time. Here are some inspirations for your evening routine:


Many people can’t switch off in the evening. Too many things have happened during the day. Especially in the evening, your head is buzzing. Yoga or simple coordination exercises can help you to clear your head and find peace. The good thing is that 5-10 minutes in the evening is enough to relax you. Try it out!


When was the last time you read a good book? Has it been a while? Then take the time again. Think about what you liked to do or read in the past. Fantasy or novels take your mind off things and help you switch off. Because you have to concentrate on reading, you will get tired. The hormone melatonin is then increasingly released. TV and bright light inhibit this hormone.


There’s been a trend for a few years now – meditation is suddenly on the menu. The one where you say “ohm” & “amen”. No, I don’t mean that! Rather, it is about your CONSCIOUSNESS, that is, you find more to you again and suppress negative thoughts. Meditation is ideal for this! You come back more to yourself and think more positively! ☺ 

Your next step

Think carefully about what your evening routine should include. This blog post is for inspiration! Take some time and think about activities that you can incorporate into your evening and especially into your stressful day. The important thing is that you should do the things that you enjoy! Dear Tim Willems, thank you so much for your great blog post.
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