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Kathleen Principle

Based on three pillars, my Kathleen Principle helps you to master every uncertainty and complexity of your personal and professional everyday life: It offers protection from environmental influences, creates vital space energy and includes a harmonious health teaching. What does it mean concretely? Is it useful? Here are my thoughts about it:

Beliefs – inner and outer connections

Beliefs - a change of perspective to recognize and let go of them Beliefs determine our lives - both the positive and the negative ones. Who would I be if I could let go of negative beliefs? Would I find it easier to achieve success, health or a happy partnership?...

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If you don't do anything for the health of your employees, you'll pay for it later. Make your team and your business fit. Some things can be implemented in the company. But it is no less important to strengthen employees' personal responsibility for their own health.


Working spaces are living spaces. My goal is to design lively spaces so that you and your team get more energy. Through the right room layout and the targeted use of colors, shapes and accessories. So that potential can unfold optimally.

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Die Anleitung gibt einen Einblick, wie du durch Schutz vor Umwelteinflüssen, eine vitale Raumlehre und mit harmonischer Gesundheitslehre privat und beruflich glücklicher und so erfolgreicher wirst.

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