Beliefs – inner and outer connections
Beliefs – a change of perspective to recognize and let go of them Beliefs determine our lives – both the positive and the negative ones. Who would I be if I could let go of negative beliefs? Would I find it easier to achieve success, health or a happy partnership? Quantum physics teaches us: As in the big, so in the small. As inside, so outside. It is the 3rd cosmic law or also known as the law of correspondences. So if I start to change something in myself on this basis, something will also change in my environment. And if I bring about changes via the spatial level, then something also changes within me.  With the Kathleen Principle we look today at the 3rd pillar of the Harmonic Health Theory. There we know that to a healthy body also a healthy spirit belongs.  And so it certainly makes sense to detach from stressful, negative beliefs from time to time. How are beliefs formed? Beliefs are our convictions. They are sentences that have shaped us because we have heard them over and over again and have made them our truth. They have been programmed from the outside, so to speak – by parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, colleagues, bosses, doctors, … . Sometimes we are not even aware of it. They work from the level of the subconscious and influence our everyday life. And so, years later, we notice that similar situations happen to us again and again, or that certain things are particularly difficult. One reason for this could be these mentioned beliefs.  For beliefs to develop, two things are needed: Repetition and emotions.  So when a person is told the same thing over and over again and he associates it with emotions because it comes from someone close to him or the content is particularly meaningful to him, neural connections are formed in the brain. I always have to think of the image of a teacher who says: “In the beginning, these are trample paths. But the more often these sentences are thought or said, the wider and firmer the road becomes. Until at some point it resembles a highway. And these beliefs then influence your being very strongly.” What does this mean for a conscious life?  In consequence, it also means: We do not perceive ourselves as we were created by nature, but as (influential) people have told us again and again. A brutal truth that must first be digested.  On the bright side, I have seen for myself in the rainforest of Thailand how nature has reclaimed the roads created by humans. Partly after months they were so overgrown that you could not drive on them with cars and after a few years you did not even recognize that there was a tarred road. Related to our beliefs, this means: I myself am able to acquire new positive beliefs (if I want to). 
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DarkmoonArt_de / Pixabay
Energy follows my thoughts So when I direct my thoughts toward something positive, energy follows. This is the reason why it is so important to keep thinking about your dreams and visions. So the more often I think about my goals and naturally associate positive emotions with them, the more likely it is that thinking habits or patterns will emerge. That is why it is so important to pay attention to conscious communication. Because we also adopt beliefs that our environment expresses – about finances, health, the profession, our own body, relationships, etc.. Therefore, consciously pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. Do you want to consciously work on your beliefs? Then start with it IMMEDIATELY. First, write down all the beliefs that consciously come to mind about the above topics. What have your parents, partners, colleagues, friends often said to you? What are you convinced of?  And then, in a second step, see whether your living environment is conducive to positive development! Which opinions and thought patterns prevail there? In the long run it is almost impossible to fight against your environment all the time. You can work on yourself as much as you want. If your environment keeps “bringing you back” and activating the old beliefs again and again, you hardly have a chance to consolidate new thoughts.  If you now want to dissolve the beliefs you have found and really look deeper into what is at the bottom of it, then let’s make an appointment for The Work. A great technique from the USA by Byron Katie that can help you on the mind level to release yourself from these negative beliefs.  And always remember – everything is connected. So when you consciously work on yourself here, your environment changes as well. Things will start to flow that may have been influencing your life in the wrong direction for years or decades.  Afraid to get started? Then use this exercise to get the necessary initial strength.  Imagine what your life looks like with all the negative, blocking beliefs. What do you look like? How do you move? What job do you have? How are you and your family doing? What are you accomplishing for yourself and those around you? 
Imagine what your life looks like with all the positive, loving, empowering beliefs? What do you look like? How do you move? What job do you have? How are you and your family doing? What do you achieve for yourself and your environment?
Surely you’d rather stay in the second picture, right? 
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johnhain / Pixabay
I have made the experience that this work is incredibly healing and can really bring inner peace if you let it. We have such power within us, it would be a real shame if we didn’t use it.  I wish you courage to look at these issues, accept them and then let them go.  In gratitude  🙏 Your Kathleen 🍀